With today’s terrible wind, rain and bitter (pun intended) cold weather, here at CVW&S we were thinking about the BEST ways to warm up.  Naturally, cocktails came to mind!  More specifically, WHISKEY cocktails!  Introducing “Home Bartender’s Kits” was put on hold during the holiday season, but no need to worry, as we have one RIDICULOUS OFFERING to KICK OFF THE NEW YEAR!

Why create a kit for one Old Fashioned, when you can create a kit that prepares SIX DIFFERENTconcoctions!?!  Today’s “ULTIMATE OLD FASHIONED” home bartending kit includes not one, but TWO LITER BOTTLES of OLD FORESTER WHISKEY.  One liter bottle of Rye Whiskey and one liter bottle of Bourbon!  Not to mention, within this kit you will be paying $20/bottle for a LITER which normally retails for $28-$30 per bottle.

On the hunt for new elixirs (bitters and syrups) we were recently introduced to a new wholesale website that simply put, OPENED THE DOOR TO A WHOLE NEW WORLD.  To say we are excited is an understatement.  One of our first purchases was an Old-Fashioned Cocktail Syrup and TWO different bitters (Bourbon Cherry & Walnut) from STRONGWATER Mountain Elixirs located in Colorado!  As they say, “Bolstered by knowledge from a chemist, herbalist, and mixologist, and inspired by sixteenth century strongwater shops dealing in plant-based draughts, we make elixirs that are hand-crafted in small batches, made with real and organic ingredients, and obsessively calibrated to add new dimensions to drinks.”

With these three different ingredients and a LITER of BOTH RYE & BOURBON Whiskey, you now have (at least) SIX different types of Old-Fashioned Cocktails to make!  OH BUT WAIT…what about the cherries?  We got you covered there too, with only the best, LUXARDO CHERRIES from Italy.

This package should easily retail for over $150/kit.  Our regular price is $132.25/kit, but TODAY, only ONE BENJAMIN ($100) + tax, gets you an INSANE OLD-FASHIONED home bartenders kit of your very own!  There were SIX KITS available today and TWO have already SOLD.  We have everything except more bitters, so we will be taking pre-orders once the original six kits sell out. STRONGWATER has a quick turnaround time, and we expect product no later than a week from today! 

ONE LITER – Old Forester Rye

ONE LITER – Old Forester Bourbon

ONE 8oz – Strongwater “Old Fashioned” Cocktail Syrup

ONE 3oz – Strongwater ‘Bourbon Cherry’ Bitters

ONE 3oz – Strongwater ‘Walnut’ Bitters

ONE 14.1oz – Luxardo Cherries

REG. PRICE $132.25/package


(26% DISCOUNT / No Further Discounts)

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“SPIRITED SPECIAL” – $100/+tax
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Old Forester Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Kentucky) One Liter: “Created in 1870, Old Forester is the only bourbon continuously distilled and marketed by the founding family before, during and after Prohibition. At 86 proof, Old Forester delivers a genuine bourbon experience, with rich, full flavor and a smooth character that is ideal for sipping neat, on the rocks, with a splash of water or in a classic cocktail.”

Old Forester 100PF Rye Whiskey (Kentucky) One Liter: “A historic recipe, acquired in 1940 by Owsley Brown I, Old Forester Rye features a mash bill of 65% Rye, 20% Malted Barley, and 15% Corn. Such a high proportion of barley allows for a fully natural fermentation process, forgoing the need for artificial enzymes commonly found in high rye mash bills. Additionally, a generous percentage of malt yields a unique floral character, balancing the sharp, brisk spice of the rye grain. Continuing our legacy of quality and consistency, Old Forester uses its own proprietary yeast strain, produces every barrel, and distills every drop. At 100 proof, Old Forester Rye plays beautifully in a cocktail but also stands up boldly on its own.”

Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup (Colorado) 8oz: “The Old Fashioned is the granddaddy of all classic cocktails, one of the first known examples of combining spirits with bitters and sugar to make a libation greater than the sum of its parts. Nodding to its status as a staple in the arsenal of millions of bartenders the world over, we aimed to make the very best bottled version out there; after three years of tinkering, we’ve reached our goal. The caramel notes of organic demerara sugar, citrus tang of fresh orange peel, and tart sweetness of organic cherries combine in mountain spring water, enlivened by a nutty and complex blend of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and bitter herbs. Well-balanced, roundly smooth, and layered, this blend is good enough to drink on its own over ice. For the cocktail, just add a favorite whiskey, and garnish with an orange peel, a cherry, or both.”

Strongwater Cherry Bourbon Bitters (Colorado) 3oz: “Jaded by the extracted flavor of most cherry bitters on the market, we set out to make a version that really tastes like fresh peak-summer cherries, ideal for enhancing classics like the Manhattan and adding a rich, fruity note to cocktails made from brown and white spirits alike. Our Cherry is built on real organic tart and bing cherries, which give this bitters a voluptuous, fruit-forward profile. We use bourbon as our base, which draws earth and forest from the cinnamon, cherry bark, and gentian that round out this nuanced and harmonious blend.
Ingredients: 7 year aged bourbon, tart and bing cherries, schisandra berries, cherry bark, cassia cinnamon, gentian.

Strongwater Walnut Bitters (Colorado) 3oz: “Rich and nutty blend with earthly aromatics and baking spices to add complexity, depth and intrigue to your favorite cocktail. Made with real walnuts and black walnut leaf for full bodied flavor and hearty tannins, never artificial anything! Try it in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or cup of coffee! NEW RELEASE 2020
Ingredients: Alcohol, Mountain Spring Water, Black Walnut, Clove, Roasted Cacao Nibs, Black Walnut Leaf, Allspice, Black Peppercorns.

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries (Italy) 14.1oz JAR: “These are candied cherries soaked in Luxardo marasca cherry syrup. The percentage of marasca cherries in jars and tins is about 50% and so is the percentage of syrup. No thickening agents of any type and no preservatives are used and the dark red color is all natural. Their unique taste comes from the marasca cherry syrup which is made starting from the same juice used to prepare the infusion for the Cherry Liqueur “Sangue Morlacco”. A cutting edge system of pasteurization guarantees the maximum level of preservation and safety. Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries accurate candying process confers to the fruit a crispiness which is rare to find amongst competing brands. Today, like in the golden age of cocktails, Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries are used in the worlds’ best bars and by the most famous mixologists as a garnish in their creations. The syrup itself may be used in many cocktails as a flavored sugar. They are also ideal over ice cream.”

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